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At Eligo Homes, we meet our customers' need for housing with cost-effective designs and options. We maintain a high-quality and environmentally- friendly construction and employ a back-to-the-basics business approach. Whether considering a client's budget or society's need for affordable housing; our actions always match our words! We aim to set the standard for exceptional building practices, outstanding solutions to client's needs, and excellent customer satisfaction throughout Ontario.


Our vision is to be the leading affordable home builder in Ontario. We would like to be pioneers in environmental-friendly and smart custom homes with solar renewable energy options.


Our core values are;


  • Responsibility


  • We integrate environmental and social principles into our business.


  • Striving for Excellence


  • We are passionate about achieving the highest standards of quality in products and services we provide.


  • Integrity


We are and will continue to be fair, honest, transparent, and ethical in our conduct.




We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience throughout the homeowner journey with us. We believe that consistency and providing strong communication are key pillars to delivering an excellent customer experience.


We value and appreciate that you chose Eligo Homes as your homebuilder and of all things we’ve built, your trust is valued the most.

We promise to give you outstanding personal service and will ensure that the experience we provide meets or exceeds our commitment to our five principles;


We are committed to delivering the highest quality customer service.


We build relationships based on respect, trust, and proactive communication.


We anticipate and respond to our customer’s needs.


We promise to be prompt, professional and of the highest standard.


We are committed to providing a safe work and community environment.




By law, all new homes built in Ontario are provided with a warranty by the builder.

All new homes will be registered with TARION and have a 7-year extended warranty.

For more information on the warranties, please refer Tarion's website





Coverage includes financial protection before home buyer takes possession and protection against construction defects after the possession.

The coverage begins when the Agreement of Purchase & Sale signed, and remains in effect for up to 7 years even if the home is sold. Each warranty comes with certain limits and obligations on a home buyer and owner, as well as vendor/builder.




Tarion ensures new home buyers receive the statutory warranty coverage they are entitled to under the Act.  Most issues are resolved by builders without involvement by Tarion, however we will intervene if a builder fails to honour their warranty obligations.


Statutory warranty coverage is different from the warranties for items provided by manufacturers, suppliers or subcontractors (such as appliances or flooring).  Claims for these items should be made directly to the product provider.


The statutory warranty protection is broad, but it is not all inclusive. The warranty coverage has limitations and exclusions. Home buyers are encouraged to understand the scope of warranty coverage by reading this website and the HOMEOWNER INFORMATION PACKAGE, which is an important publication created by Tarion, providing a general overview of warranty coverage. The statutory warranties are in addition to any warranties or rights the homebuyer may have under contract or otherwise.




Before we sign an Agreement of Purchase& Sale, we encourage you to complete the design and architectural package of the drawing sets ready for permit application.

As soon as we received the copy of the drawing set, we work on every details together with you and decide all the specifications of the materials and the technologies to be used in the construction phases, price estimates, timeline, etc.


Once we mutually agreed all the aspects, the agreement will be signed and our journey will start.

Before we start each phase of the construction; we will obtain a quote from minimum three suppliers; evaluate together with you and decide the best reasonable supplier and the price which will be a budget cost; that will be final however if you want to change some materials and specification, still we can try to meet your expectations by "Change Order Form"


During the construction period, we will invite you for site visits regularly and Eligo Homes Project Manager will be guided you on the tours.

During your site visits, the safety is our priority so we will train you prior to your site visits and provide you a necessary clothes and tools

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